Termite Control

Voracious Eaters

Termites will eat any wood available in your home. This includes beams, frames as well as wood used for bracing in the foundations. A normal sized colony of termites will feast on these wooden elements of your home and hollow them out before you even notice what is going on. You’ll be shocked to learn that termites need only a few years to completely damage the wooden structure of a home and leave it completely unstable. The hollowed out beams will not have the ability to support the structure.

Damage Below the Surface

Since the nature of termites is to avoid light they will go about their work of hollowing out wood just below the surface. Since the surface will not be broken, you will have no idea about the havoc that is being wreaked inside the wood. One day, when the tunnels inside the wood become too wide, the entire thing will break apart, thereby exposing the problem.

The only way that you can keep these creatures in control is to hire a reliable pest control company to do the job. Experienced professionals will conduct termite inspection on a regular basis; once a year is generally more than sufficient.

You’ll definitely need to spend money on a good pest management company; however, you might have to spend around $2,000 to get your termite damaged areas repaired. It’s never a good idea to try do it by yourself because this is a very specialized job. Termite control ensures that your property is in good condition at all times and that the value of your property is maintained well.