Stonework Indoors

When you think of a stone element indoors, most often the mind immediately wanders to a fireplace. This is why stonework is most often considered as a top material to use in the design of a fireplace. But the use of stone doesn’t stop there. You will find some homes feature stone flooring as this is especially good in warmer climates as it can lower the temperature of the home. Another advantage of stone as a flooring option is that it does not trap allergens or dust like carpeting does. Stone has also become a popular medium for kitchen countertops as well. Stone wall accents on islands and backsplashes are also popular in many kitchens today.

Stonework Outdoors

Just about any outdoor space can be transformed by infusing stone. From paths and walkways, to fire pits, patios, retaining walls, fountains and more. Hardscape projects that feature stone can really transform any outdoor space.

Types of Stone

Many are under the assumption that the only way to get a stone look is to use real stone. Thanks to technology today, we can all get stone that is lighter and costs less. But still looks like the real thing. Enter cast-stone veneer. With options varying from river rock to stacked stone looks, it is easier on the pocket book and also simpler to install. There may be no need to hire a masonry expert.

The problem with stone in the past has been its weight. Thus, many projects that could benefit from the stone makeover/ update couldn’t be completed. But now they can with the lighter types of stone products available. Stone was also not a reasonably priced option for using on the exterior of the home as an accent. Now because of the many types of stone veneer, adding stone accents to the exterior of the home has become much easier.

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to tell if it’s actual stone or a stone veneer that is used. We have seen a variety of different applications for stonework varying from the interior accent wall to the exterior fireplace. When comparison shopping, real stone can cost anywhere between $10 to $30 per square foot installed whereas stone veneer will usually range between $9 to $17 per square foot. Stone can make a home look rustic to traditional and can even add a modern flair to certain designs.