Starting a Home Renovation

  • Planning may seem obvious to some, but it’s critical to the success of your renovation. Not just what your going to do, but how your going to do it.

Scheduling, construction details, contractors you are going to use. Often you have to book these people months in advance.

Having your special order items onsite before you begin can save you some head aches down the road when you find out it’s damaged or not really what you want and have to be reordered delaying your project even more.

Planning early insures better results.

  • Consider carefully the talent and expertise of your contractors.

Not everyone has the same knowledge and abilities to do a particular job. Electricians, plumbers and others can be experienced and licensed but not necessarily “talented” in what you need for your particular renovation.

Check out references and talk to people about their experiences with that particular person or company.

  • Another thing you should consider is the actual course of renovation.

You might be surprised to learn not all contractors will treat your home the way you do.You need to discuss with everyone what is and is not included in their services.

Will they protect your home from the renovation process with drop sheets for their muddy boots and construction debris. If it’s a dusty job will they set up plastic barriers?

Do they clean up the mess or leave it for you? If they say they provide clean up, how will they clean? Broom clean? Vacuum clean? There are all different levels of clean when it comes to construction.

Will they take away the debris from the job or just put it to the side of your house and leave it for you to take care of?

Security during your renovation can be an issue. Temporary locks and alarm codes can help keep you safe in the future without having to worry about all the strangers that have gone through your home.If you have valuable or delicate items it’s best to put these items in storage while the work is being done.

  • Get it in writing. How many times have you heard that? Often people over look many of the details that are involved and just assume. Be clear on knowing what and what is not included in your contracted service. It can help you with future misunderstandings during the course of your project,”there’s no understanding like a misunderstanding.”