Selecting Composite Decks

Choose the Material First

If you are thinking about using composite decks for your home, it is a good idea to consider the vast number of options you have. You can select various wood grains, colors and sizing options to create the space. Of course, you are getting a product that is a mixture of recycled plastics and wood fibers so there is some manufacturing involved. Once you get these details picked out, the next step is to consider the overall layout and the design elements you want to add to the area to create a comprehensive and great looking space you will love.

Look to the Details

Depending on which manufacturer you buy from, chances are good you will have numerous product choices to consider to add to the detailing of the space. Consider the post coverings, for example, which are ornate and beautiful pieces that fit over the top of the main posts. These can create a visual pop of beauty every six feet or so along the railing. You may also want to think about the railings themselves. You can add beautiful adornments that complete the look. You may want to add post caps too, which can create illumination around the decking.

Is It Worth It?

There is no doubt that composite decks will cost slightly more than buying some types of wood products. However, the costs are offset very quickly. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars each year cleaning and staining or painting the area. You will also find that this type of decking lasts significantly longer, often coming with a 20-year warranty. That translates into big savings over the lifetime of owning a home.