Robes For Women

She was like most little girls when she was growing up, tea parties with her dolls and playing dress up in her mother’s clothes and makeup. One of her favorite items of her mother’s to wear when playing in the attic where her old clothes were kept, was an old worn out robe that was in a box with many other robes for women. In fact the box was marked “robes for women.” The must have been one hundred robes in the box, though only one had been worn, and that was the one she liked best. The robe was for a women not a girl, and was pink in color with little roses embossed on the sleeves. It was at least 3 sizes too big for the little girl when she started wearing it, though it didn’t bother her a bit. The soft material felt good against her skin, and the smell of her mother’s favorite perfume still lingered after all of those years in a box collecting dust in the attic. She would parade around the attic wearing that robe day after day, year after year throughout her childhood years. As the years passed and dates with boys, dances, and college applications replaced the days she used spend playing in the attic wearing her mother’s robe like a queen in a palace. From time to time she thought about the fun she used to have, though her days of playing in that attic were over, and it was time to grow up and become somebody.

After graduating college she was unable to find a job she really wanted. A few years passed, she found work as a waitress and moved from town to town, looking for something, though she didn’t know what.. yet. Then came the day she got the call that would change her life. Her mother had passed away suddenly. Devastated and all alone, the little girl who was now a women got on the first bus headed towards her home town. She arrived and spent time with the family, fondly remembering her mother. She was told a story about the time her mother designed a special robe and traveled around trying to get stores to sell it for her, though none ever did. An aunt of the girls wondered out loud what had become of those robes.