Marble Countertops

Marble provides an elegant uniqueness unmatched by other materials

The appearance of marble countertops truly emulates elegance. The bright whites and minimal streaks and veins provides the classic look that people have adored for centuries.

But maybe you’re not a fan of white being the main color for your project: which is totally fine! While the traditional or stereotypical perception of marble is white and light gray, marble countertops can actually come in a variety of colors – so you’re not as limited as you may think!

Marble countertops also provides excellent durability and resistive characteristics

If you expect to use your kitchen for a lot of baking or cooking, marble countertops offer excellent resistance to heat, making it an … Read the rest

Choose the Right Cushion Size

If you are starting from scratch with your decoration, however, it can be confusing to know which size of cushion to opt for. Even if you already have your cushion inserts or your cushion covers, finding the corresponding cover or insert to match can also be difficult.

In the case when you are starting to decorate from scratch, it is important to begin by deciding which type of cushion will suit your home best. There are many different sizes available on the market, which can provide plenty of choice, but it is also crucial to know the standard cushion size in your country.

In Australia, for example, the standard cushion size is 45cm by 45cm, with a typical large cushion … Read the rest

Flat Washers

The flat washers have been used extensively as bridges for gaps especially in cases where you find that a hole is much bigger that the screws or bolts that need to be fitted into it. They have therefore become very important in different kinds of applications especially commercially. They come in different materials and the selection one makes will depend on the application and the washer needs that he has for the application. You will find them in leather, wood, fabric and metals such as iron, copper, steel and bronze among many other options. There are also plastic, paper and rubber flat washers. The huge variety makes it possible to find a washer suitable for any kind of application.

One … Read the rest

Create a Vintage Style Home Decor

Statement wallpaper

When creating your vintage style its best to create a specific focal point in your room wherever that may be so you don’t overpower the entire space. Wallpaper is a great way to easily create a feature and can create a fun, striking look without being overbearing. Opt for patterned wallpaper such as a shabby chic floral print or a 70’s geo metric style to create the perfect vibe. Geo prints or even tartan are great if you’re after a retro vibe these wallpaper are often the perfect way to inject some colour into your room also. There’s also the option of going for a printed wallpaper such as an animal print instantly adding interest to your wall.… Read the rest

Outdoor Deck Lighting

No matter how you decide to start your project, it is important for you to remember that you are the person that has complete control over what gets done. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the best design or make the biggest statement. All you need is a creative mind and some inspiration. Look for magazines and pictures of backyards so you can get some ideas as to how to design yours. When you think about adding outdoor deck lighting, keep in mind that there are many different products and accents for you to choose from. Consider adding pieces along the pathways and borders of your garden and patio. Think of how your backyard will look … Read the rest

Benefits and Features of Patio Covers

More Usable Space

With the use of patio covers, you will have the opportunity to enjoy more space for the things you like to do. For example, now, you can walk outdoors and sit under the shade to read a book instead of staying inside. You still have protection from the sun, but you get to breathe in the fresh air and hear the sounds of birds around you. You can now use this space for family gatherings so there’s more space to spread out in. You may even find that this is the best way for you to handle some of your hobbies. You can start seeds outdoors or do some planting right under the protection of the cover.… Read the rest

Plastic Pipe Fabrication

Plastic pipe fabrication is simply used to construct a system that will suit the exact needs of your piping structure. Whether new tubes are needed or the bending of pipes is needed, there is a service to meet your requirements. Sometimes old buildings need new pipes. Of course materials may experience wear and tear as the years go on. But material can indeed be replaced. This is where the help of manufacturing comes in. All it takes is having the right professionals that will get the job done right. Having a system that will last for years to come is the ultimate goal.

Plastic pipe fabrication products can fit any size of tubes a building may have. When ordering the … Read the rest

Properly Store An Oriental Rug

  • Make sure your rug is clean
    You can clean your oriental rug yourself (and you should be cleaning it regularly), but before storage it is best to get it cleaned professionally. Washing removes any bugs, dirt, and contaminates that have accumulated over the years. A professional cleaner will be able to clean the rug much more thoroughly, and will spray it with an insecticide that is safe to use on wool. A professional will also ensure that the rug is completely dry before it is stored. Storing a damp rug will cause mold.
  • Roll your rug
    You can fold an oriental rug for storage, but that can create permanent creases and can damage the foundation. Roll the rug around a
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Mold Removal

  • Damage to the Home
    At it’s most basic threat level, this fungal growth can represent a structural hazard to your home. Unfortunately, the most virulent and destructive forms of the growth are often found in the places most likely to cause serious issues: on the structural supports and the beams that are holding your house together. If the growth is able to get into a porous surface, it will grow wildly, eating away at the original material. It may not look like a significant problem with the naked eye, but make no mistake, it can result in some serious damage. Mold removal is never an “option”. Whether done professionally or on your own, it needs to be done.
  • Health Concerns
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Selecting Ceramic Tile

Design Variations

It’s possible to find ceramic tile to match any color scheme or decor theme in a home. You will find pieces in soft and muted colors and textures. Bold designs and deep colors area also available. You will also find a variety of shapes such as hexagons, octagons, rectangles, and squares. Size also varies, ranging from 4.25-inch squares to as large as 24-inch squares. If you opt for handmade pieces, you may find small variations in size.


You have many different finishes from which to choose. You might opt for high-gloss, matte, smooth, glazed, unglazed, textured, polished, or unpolished. Pieces with a high-gloss finish will appear exceptionally shiny. The downside of this finish is that scratches will … Read the rest