Ottoman Storage Beds

Why choose an Ottoman Bed?

Because they offer a large open storage space compared with other types of storage bed, such as drawer storage beds, making them suitable for storage of a huge variety of items.

Choosing an ottoman Storage Bed.

The first consideration of choice is the size of the bed. The size and layout of the bedroom will generally dictate this but go for the largest size possible. A Larger bed will not only give you a larger sleeping area but also more storage space underneath.

Lifting the base.

To make the lifting of the frame and mattress possible a power gas strut is fitted to the hinge mechanism. This helps top counterbalance to the weight of the mattress and will also hold the lift up parts in the up position. The power of the gas strut is very important. If the power is not enough the mattress will be very hard to lift and may not stay in the open position; if too strong the mattress will be difficult to lower. If you are choosing a mattress and bed separately then ideally the gas struts should be interchangeable and the correct power should be selected on installation to suit the weight of the mattress. Check that the combination of your mattress and ottoman bed are compatible before you buy!

The compartment.

The compartment is the storage solution! This large cavity underneath the mattress can be used for many items: collections of items such as books, toys, records, household appliances such as iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, suitcases, sports bags, clothes, shoes or seasonal clothing, quilts.

Compile a list of item you wish to store to determine the storage space required. Consider the depth of storage too if you wish to hide your suitcase or vacuum cleaner away. A deep compartment may mean making the bed higher but this is no bad thing, as a high bed is easier to get in and out of and brings a sense of importance of the bed in a room.

The delivery day.

If access to your bedroom is difficult with narrow doors or stairways check the bed will is delivered flatpack. Some manufacturers utilize a one piece base unit, which, for a superking bed may be too big for the most generous proportioned stairways!

Manouvrability. If you wish to move the bed for cleaning underneath or for any other reason it must be fitted with castors. There is no other way of moving a fully loaded ottoman storage bed and mattress.