Mold Removal

  • Damage to the Home
    At it’s most basic threat level, this fungal growth can represent a structural hazard to your home. Unfortunately, the most virulent and destructive forms of the growth are often found in the places most likely to cause serious issues: on the structural supports and the beams that are holding your house together. If the growth is able to get into a porous surface, it will grow wildly, eating away at the original material. It may not look like a significant problem with the naked eye, but make no mistake, it can result in some serious damage. Mold removal is never an “option”. Whether done professionally or on your own, it needs to be done.
  • Health Concerns
    Mold removal is often necessary for another, even more sinister reason– it can create health problems for those in the home. While the health dangers of black mold have been somewhat overblown by the media, there is no question that there is a danger to runaway growth in the house. It can certainly cause serious health problems in children, the elderly, and pets. It can spark allergic reactions, cause headaches, and lead to a slow decline in overall health. It needs to be removed before these health issues become serious enough to warrant medical intervention.
  • Stopping the Problem
    If you’ve recently discovered growth in your home and this information has you worried, there’s no need to panic. The above described scenarios are worst-case situations that can easily be avoided. The best step to take is to have your home professionally inspected by a company experienced in detecting growth. Next, have a mold removal service come out and take care of the issue. If the technicians are thorough, they should be able to not only get rid of the existing growth, but ensure that steps are taken to prevent its return.