Metal Balusters


There are many advantages in using metal balusters, whether in outdoor or indoor projects. One of the more obvious reasons that contractors and home owners might prefer them is their strength and durability. Any form of this material is usually strong and very durable. They can withstand the natural elements quite well and can last a long time even with exposure. Despite being durable and strong, this material is also malleable enough that it can be formed and made into different shapes and designs to go with the preferences of the home owners and the contractor.

Metal balusters which are used in outdoor are usually treated with some form of rust prevention coating in order to make it last longer despite being exposed to the rain, sun and other elements. It is this malleability that also appeals to the makers because of the different kinds of designs and shapes that can be done to the material. The material itself is a statement that many homeowners like to have in their houses. Wrought iron complements wood very well and can be used in several different aspects of the house, not just in outdoor decking but also in railings and stairs.


There is one very distinct disadvantage to using metal balusters in the house, especially outdoor decking. This disadvantage is the fact that most kinds of this material rusts easily. This is especially true for iron which is commonly used for ironworks and other aspects of houses. Steps must be taken to ensure that the rate of rusting of the material is slowed down or prevented. This means additional expenses in making sure that the rust does not overcome it easily.

There are other options instead of iron which are not as prone to rust. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, aluminum and titanium. These may be more expensive than iron but are very good choices of the material that does not rust or deteriorate. Another disadvantage that this kind of addition to decking might bring is the fact that they are quite strong. In most designs, they are used to complement wooden flooring and are attached directly to these. In some instances, wood can warp and move which means the strength of the iron can overcome that of the wood and the wood would break or chip.