Make Pictures Pop

Now that you have picked out your photos, let’s put them on the table. You need to decide which one is your number one favorite and so forth till you have assigned a number value to each one. After you have decided your favorite order, you will want to look at them and decided what is the dominate color in all the photos.

Here is an example for you. Let’s say you have five pictures of a lake. The most common colors could be blue, green or brown. For our example, we will say that brown is the dominate color. This will be the color of our matt. Now that we know the dominate color, we can go to the framing store and start our work.

There are two ways of matting your photos. You can purchase pre-cut mats. These can be single or double mats. The second way is to cut your own mats. The pre-cut mats are the easiest for the beginner. Let’s use the pre-cut mats this time. Use a matt size that is larger than your picture size. On the packaging of the mat it will state the size of the opening. Your photo should be just a little larger than this opening. So let’s put this part all together. You have the photo. You know the dominate color. You have picked out the mat which is the dominate color.

You are ready for the framing stage. In our example, we said the dominate color was brown. We all know that most frames are brown. We would need to use a contrasting color. So the natural thing to do would be to look at white frames. Sometimes you can find blue or green frames. One of these could work for our example. This is the final step. You will need to put the photo under the matt. Put the mat into the frame. You may have to try this with several frames to get the one you like. When you find the perfect one, you are done.

All that is left is to put it all together. Use masking tape to tape your photo the mat. Put the matted photo into the frame. Now you need to arrange the three to five photos. Remember the number value you gave each one? Well the number one will be in the middle of your arraignment. The others move out from the middle. This will enable your number one to have the greatest focus. After you have that done, you’re ready to put them on your wall.