Close Vents to Save Money

That back room? The one you hardly ever go in anymore? You’re just sending heat into that room for no reason. Close off the vents and you’ll save some money. This is a common myth that gets its strength from how plausible it sounds. Unfortunately, you probably have a forced air HVAC system and that means the pressure load is even throughout the house. If you close a vent in one room, you may do little more than throw the system off balance, possibly creating a maintenance issue. By starving one room of heat, it is going to draw that heat from the hallway and the other parts of the house. You may actually force your heater to work harder by following that seemingly sensible advice.

A Ceiling Fan is a Substitute A/C

Ceiling fans can act as wonderful supplements to your HVAC system. What they can’t do is act as substitutes for the air conditioner altogether. Some homeowners believe that if they shut off the air and keep the fans running while they’re out, they can beat nature. It doesn’t work that way. A fan isn’t going to lower the temperature in a room. It only works by making you feel cooler when it is blowing on you, so shut it off when you leave the room.

Keep Your Air Running When You’re Out

This one is a strange myth, in that it actually seems to go against common sense. In the old days, it went without saying. You left the house and you shut off the HVAC system. Today, though, people propagate the myth that you should leave it running because it costs more to reduce the temperature when you get home than to keep it steady while you’re gone. While shutting it completely off may not be the best idea, you can certainly save on your bill by punching the thermostat up a few notches when you aren’t going to be around.