Guest Room That Is Inviting And Warm

A guest room can be a guest room only where there are friends and family members to fill it. When it’s not being used for personal space by visitors it can serve other purposes as well. It’s all in how you set it up.

Making the room as versatile as possible does not mean you have to skimp on the warmth and decor. When your visitors walk in it is nice to see a comfortable place to sleep, some decorative touches like flowers or framed prints, and perhaps even a basket with candies or coffee samples as a welcoming gift. Having a nice space to call their own while they are with you lets them know that they are not in the way and they are welcome.

Using a futon or sofa bed is a common thing to do. This is often done so that the room plays double duty when there are no visitors. The ability to sleep comfortably on either option is limited at best. Placing a regular full size bed in a spare room usually means that the room will no longer be as functional without guests.

There are other options that can help you improve the quality of sleep that your friends and family members get while visiting and maintaining the space you need to use the room in between visitors. Murphy beds are a good option because you can set up the welcoming decor and still get the space back when you need it.

By choosing the most comfortable option for sleeping your overnight guests will feel better, have more energy, and not have to deal with the back pain of sleeping on a futon or sofa bed. This improves the general mood of your visitors.

A wall bed makes for an excellent decor addition whether open or closed and has outer framing that keep this room inviting. They are fun, classic, and improve the decor. Whether you are busy in there or your company is settling in for the night, the overall feeling of being truly welcome makes a difference.