Exotic Wood Veneer

Exotic veneer comes from places like South America and Africa, where there are many exotic tree species growing, but they need to be conserved and aren’t all practical for solid wood building due to various properties of the wood. To have lumber shipped across an ocean would be quite expensive, but when you’re only paying for a thin layer of this material, the cost is cut substantially. Wood veneer lets you have the appearance of any wood you like while using the best wood for building underneath. Use a solid wood to build your structure, and then face it with any exotic variety you choose thanks to stick-and-peel wood-veneer.

Examples of exotic wood veneers include Zebrawood, Japanese Tamo Ash, Olive Burl, Etimo, Jarrah, Jatobah, Jequitiba, Khaya, Koa, Koto and Afromosia. It may be impractical to use these woods to build solid objects, but as a finishing touch they are exquisite. Utilizing veneer made of exotic wood is the most practical way to create stunning effects with your wood projects without breaking the bank, and while being kind to the earth, as well. Sustainable forests have made wood a truly renewable resource on our planet, and it goes without saying that we all like to have a nice planet. It just helps everything else go smoothly.