Decoration With Feather Craft Items

Generally, people use items of art and fashion to give dramatic look to the interior decoration. These craft items are used to garnish different areas of the home, like kid’s room, living area, etc., in a creative manner. Clay, glass, paper, different types of fabric, wood, and plastic are some of the materials that are popularly used to make these items. If you want to give a traditional or conventional look to your home interior decoration, choose these decorative items made with wood, fabric and clay. On the other hand, if you want to give a classy and voguish look to interior decoration, use craft items made with glass or plastic.

Besides usual things, feathers are very unique and trendy material to make and design craft products. Feather craft items add a delicate grace to home beauty. Apart from home decoration, these are also used to embellish resorts, hotels, offices, and other places. Quills of different birds are used to make varieties of craft products in a number of designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Quills that are prevalently used for this purpose are:

  • Pheasant Quills: These quills are very big, pointed and distinct in design; therefore, their usage as craft products adds uniqueness to interior decoration. Ringneck, Goldentail, Reeves and Lady Amherst are different varieties of Pheasant birds, whose plumes are extensively used for this purpose.
  • Ostrich Plumes: These quills are large in shape and soft to touch. There usage as decorative item gives a velvety feel to home beauty. Drabs, Nandu, Spads and Plumes are different types of ostrich quills that are used to make varieties of art and fashion products.
  • Peacock Quills: The exquisite beauty of peacock feather makes them perfect to make lovely craft pieces. Use of these quills adds illuminating beauty to any home interior.
  • Turkey Plumes: The colorful nature of these quills makes them perfect for designing differentiate craft pieces. Turkey Rounds, Plumage and Marabou are the types of turkey quills that are used to make fascinating items for decoration.