Deck Post Caps


Every material requires its own solution when it comes to keeping deck post caps secured to their place. Vinyl, for instance, benefits from being secured with a specific PVC glue. Why use this adhesive? Well, not only does it work well, but it will also stand up to the elements. This, as you have probably already seen, is one of the most important aspects of any adhesive you use in an outdoor setting. Rain, wind, and hail do not represent particularly pleasant precipitation under the best of circumstances, but they can play absolute havoc with your outdoor construction projects. Brush on some PVC glue and your vinyl should stay in place.

Wood and Composite Materials

There are several big differences between using wood and using composite wood mixtures when building your patio, but for this purpose they are much the same. Wood is one of the most common choices for a homeowner looking to build an outdoor entertaining area, and for good reason. It is timeless, classic, and it just fits. Many homeowners are looking to composite materials as well, hoping to cut down on maintenance necessities. When it comes to deck post caps, both materials are usually fixed in place well with wood glue. If you have the type that doesn’t slip directly onto the posts, you may have better luck with screws.

Aluminum and Metal

This is the only type of deck post caps that doesn’t respond well to glue. You may as well put your glue gun away if you want these to stay in place. Instead, you should look for special screws intended for use with aluminum products. These will do the trick. If you purchase the type that is self-locking, however, you can dispense with the screws, as these babies aren’t coming off anytime soon. Get a mallet, hammer it down onto the rail, and you can forget about it.