Country Style Design


Composes of French style furniture, with the smell of lavender surrounding the space. This type of country style design highlights a bright colour palette, reminiscent of the French southern region of Provence.

This bright colour palette is present in most of the components of this type of design. For instance, fabrics usually come in bright colours, with small floral or animal patterns. The most common colours you can incorporate are lavender, aubergine, sunflower-yellow, and deep azure blue.

It also features classic French country furniture, which are sturdy and basic furniture, with furniture pieces made of pine predominating. Most of these furniture include: large plank-style dining tables, surrounded by caned chairs or benches, massive carved four-poster beds and armoires

Its accents and accessories can consist of wheat shafts, lavender wreaths and sprigs, roosters, and wrought-iron railings and lamps.


Mostly relies on a floral and slightly battered country estate look. It features a dark colour palette, using deep reds, forest greens, and brown. For texture, this type of country style design uses tweeds and leather, combines with floral drapes, upholstery, and wallpapers.

It also features furniture that befits an English country estate. This usually includes large wooden bookcases and cabinets, made of deep cherry or mahogany. Large, overstuffed upholstered pieces are also predominant.

Accents reflecting hunting and horsemanship are popular with this type of country style design. Accessories, on the other hand, can include rows of leather books, delicate porcelain figurines, and landscape paintings.

Americana Rustic Style

The United States’ pioneer roots and great expanses of outdoor spaces influenced this style. Architectural details, such as rough-hewn beams and stone fireplaces, characterize this type of design. It also incorporates log cabins, Adirondack and Western styles.

Adirondack style incorporates rustic details and materials native to the Adirondack Mountains, like birch bark wallpapers. Western style, on the other hand, features naturalistic beauty, which creates a warm, relaxing, and inviting feel for your home.

It also incorporates practical and decorative furniture, which usually includes log-hewn furniture pieces. Other furniture pieces can include leather chairs and sofas, and large wooden dining tables and four-poster beds. Accents can be colourful blankets, ironware lamps and tables, antlers or animal head mounts, and hide or skin rugs and throws.