Cheval Mirrors

Help You Look Your Best

Cheval mirrors were designed to function as dressing mirrors. To help you look your best from head to toe, these standing mirrors have a unique ability to swivel in their frame so that anyone regardless of their height can see their entire outfit. No more mis-matching shoes and pants.


The cheval mirror jewel armoire is another take on the standard design and is great for storing and organizing jewelry and accessories. It can be particularly useful when you only have a small space to use your mirror in. At first glance it looks just like your typical cheval mirror with its swiveling frame. But behind the glass is a hollowed out space for lots of jewelry storage. There are hooks for arranging and organizing necklaces and bracelets which will keep them from getting tangled. There are also holders for rings and earrings. Using one makes getting ready each day faster and easier with your entire jewelry and accessories selection just an arm’s length away.


Cheval mirrors are also well-known for their charming and elegant looks. Antique cheval mirrors or ones which are made to look like they are “distressed or older than they really are can be great conversation pieces that really add to the look of wherever they are placed. Just choosing one that has an oval frame can even really portray a vintage look. They are so appealing that they can be used not only in the bedroom, but in the study, living room, foyer and even bathroom.

For a more modern look, consider a black cheval mirror might do the trick. Many men like to use this color cheval because its dark hue can portray a classy masculine look. It can also be used as contrast in a room full of white decor and furniture but also black just goes very well with most color schemes.

A white cheval mirror has a classic look, but can be used in conjunction with both modern and traditional interior design. While many adults prefer this color it is also the most common one used by teens with this type of mirror. And since white is a neutral color it always looks fantastic wherever it is used.