Ways to Incorporate Art

  • Hang paintings. Paintings, small or large can easily be added to any room. Paintings can be added above the sofa, on small walls, on the ceiling, above the mantel of your wood or gas fireplace, above the bed, or grouped together with other paintings on a large wall. They can drastically change the look of a room by adding texture, color, or shape. Whether a Van Gogh or a favorite piece you or a loved one has created, paintings can easily add character and a personal flare within the house.
  • Install a wood, electric, gas fireplace. Wood, electric, and gas fireplaces all add beauty and charm to a room. It is easy to find mantels and surrounds that match your décor. You can also find electric and gas fireplaces that offer a variety of log set and sculpture designs, flame styles, and decorative liners. All of which add an artistic touch to any room. Decorative safety gates for your gas fireplace or tools for your wood burning unit are also considered art pieces that can easily be added to the room. Wood and gas fireplaces placed outdoors help enhance the beauty of the exterior of your home.
  • Utilize photographs. For some, photographs are the most important pieces of art a home could hold. They preserve memories which can bring deeper meaning and feeling than other pieces could. Photographs can be displayed in frames, on magnet boards, or in decorative photo albums. Photographs can be placed on a shelf or other flat surface, on the wall, and above the mantel of your gas fireplace. With the use of modern companies and smart printers and devices, photographs can also be displayed on decorative items such as candles, throw pillows, blankets, mugs, vases, canvases, or metal surfaces.
  • Add a few sculptures. Sculptures come in so many varieties that you are sure to find at least one piece that will compliment your home’s interior. A simple sculpture can be a stunning art piece that catches the eye of all in the room. Because sculptures come in all shapes and sizes you can easily incorporate them throughout the home.
  • Change or accent the architecture. Walls, arches, high ceilings, tall doors, and wide entryways are only a few items that architecturally add an artistic touch the room. Base boards, paneling, crown molding, cabinets, cupboards, doors, painted walls, gas fireplaces, hanging fixtures, pressed tin ceilings or walls, rugs, and wall décor can all help accentuate the architecture of the home. In doing so, the architecture becomes the focal art of the room.
  • Incorporate coordinating furniture. The variety of textures, colors, styles, and various designs of furniture can make each piece one of art. Furniture can also greatly complement other items, such as your gas fireplace, cabinets, or architecture in your home, making it come together as one grand masterpiece. Custom designed furnishings will make a big impression on those who enter your home. They will also create a unique and personalized touch to the room in which they are in.