Under Cabinet TV

To add on to this new feature, the manufacturers have introduced the DVD/CD that is already built in to make the space more livelier and exciting. The screen size varies from 7 inches to 10 inches greatly depending upon your choice. Customization options are introduced by the producers so as to bring out your preference in every single concept from the size of the screen, color, features to the style.

Yet another surprising fact about the kitchen TV is that it is totally waterproof apart from being anti-oil as well as temperature resistant to a certain extend. They are specially designed with waterproof grade of IP65 to be the perfect gadget in your kitchen. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry any further during the cleaning process in your kitchen.

The swivel function of the cabinet lets you move it to any direction to easily watch it from the place you are working from. The hand-held remote device lets you control the volume, lighting, rotation as well change channels staying away from the cabinet like any other television. The under cabinet TV can be hidden by raising it to the cabinet space while not in use and can be lowered down when you wish to watch it. The latest design and unique concepts help in saving space and at the same time protecting the screens from being exposed to splattering and spilling that are prominent in every kitchen.

An array of different applications are available in the under cabinet TV such as radio, clock, digital photo display, weather information, cooking timer, the current temperature display and much beyond your imaginations.

Mostly people prefer to have under cabinet TV in their kitchen as there are several cookery shows and channels well-known in every part of the globe. With this utility, it becomes easier for you to follow the dishes promptly even while you are busy cooking.