Surge Protection

Whole House Coverage

Go into most houses, and you’ll find one or two surge protection devices, covering the higher end electronics. This may not be enough coverage. Whole house surge protection does the job by providing systematic coverage to eliminate spikes both externally and internally. When you apply that coverage to the points where electricity, cable, and phone services are entering the home, you can keep those external spikes from getting in. By doubling that with local protectors, you can be assured that your sensitive electronics are safe from damage.

Your Needs

You may be wondering if all of this surge protection is really worth it. After all, you’ve never had a computer fried by a lightning strike or a random spike. What are the chances that it’s going to happen now? It’s tough to say. If you have no protectors in place at all, the chances are fairly high that you will one day regret your negligence. If you have local protectors, you could be OK. Or… you might not. In fact, experts say that many computer users have experienced some degree of electrical spike damage without even knowing it. Many file errors and contamination’s can be directly attributed to just such instances. By putting whole house coverage in place, you could cut down on a lot of what you had previously considered normal wear and tear.

Circuit Breakers

Hold on, you may be saying, isn’t that what my circuit breakers are for? When there is a spike, they get thrown and everything is fine. Reset presently and move on with the day, right? Unfortunately, the average circuit breaker isn’t nearly quick enough to provide adequate surge protection. Good, dedicated systems can ensure that you get the reaction you need to keep your equipment safe.