Suggestions for a Stylish Apartment

Every house should represent an extension of the owner’s character. Therefore every interior design must be unique through color, furniture and displacement. Enough is enough and something should be done!

First of all give up to your present furniture. Do not throw it away! Sell it on the internet in order to have more money for your new interior design. Set up a budget for your ideas. Ask yourself what would you like more. Maybe blue is your defining color but you should pay attention to all puzzle pieces. For instance the living room where you spend more time could be blue while for dorms a more pale color is recommended.

Almost everyone chooses to fill rooms with furniture in a standard manner. Why would you spend money for a lot of things which are useless? If you need only a single bed then buy only one! If you have a spare room, please do not waste money and space like the vast majority. Instead of filling it with another bed or a sofa you may use the space for an extra large aquarium or you may keep that room for piano lessons. This kind of interior design will turn your passion into reality.

The bathroom should be standard? No way! Transform your bathroom in a bubble play ground. A huge shower cabin with radio connection or an immense bath tab middle situated with bubble massage features represent the perfect choice. More than that you can spice your bathroom interior design with some exotic flowers. Enjoy the ride.

And if until now everything is standardized more or less, when it comes to kitchens for sure everyone uses the same appliances even the same colors. A big question from me… do we still need a standard kitchen? Actually do we still need a kitchen? For instance I am spending 12 hours in my office and I am always eating in restaurants. Why should I throw away money again for this kind of interior design? I would use the space to expose my football articles collection.