Stone Siding

Look For Real, Not Fake

There are some manufacturers who produce stone panel siding that isn’t made from genuine rock product. These manufacturers are using materials that result in a cheap looking veneer that’s anything but natural. The best option isn’t a cheap veneer; it’s a real product that uses rock aggregate to give your home the soft, natural look of weathered masonry rock. By using aggregate, these manufacturers create a product that never needs painting, sealing or coating. It will weather naturally and look beautiful for years to come.

Genuine Stone Panel Siding Increases Value And Curb Appeal

Real estate experts agree that a stone panel siding gives homes great curb appeal that fits within almost any budget. They encourage homeowners who are considering investing in it to take the time to shop around for the best possible product and the perfect style and color to enhance their homes both inside and out. Yes, it can also be used inside the home to create a lovely feature wall or to give an aged brick fireplace surround an instant facelift! The lightweight material and use of mechanical fasteners designed specifically for quick and sturdy installation means you can use this aggregate product indoors or out. The quick and clean installation reduces overall costs while giving homeowners the style and rustic appeal they’re looking for.

Cover Your Current Exterior In New Style

Non-structural stone veneer siding can be easily applied to cover your home’s current exterior. Because it is lightweight, it doesn’t require additional support or extensive changes to the home itself. The quick installation is done with specially designed fasteners to attach it directly to your current exterior in one easy step.

Going Green With Stone Siding

Being eco-friendly is more important than ever when remodeling your house or adding features. Fortunately, this is a truly green product. Some manufacturers use as much as 50% of pre-consumer waste material, gaining them recognition by the National Association of Home Builders as Green Approved products. The durability of the product also ensures that it will last for years longer than other exterior products, with some companies offering a fifty-year warranty.