Solar Contractor

  • Experience
    Nothing trumps experience when it comes to hiring a solar contractor. That doesn’t mean general experience, either. This is a distinction you need to make when looking for someone to work on your home. Just because a company boasts of years of experience doesn’t mean that experience is in installing sun panels. It could be in the area of screening porches or painting houses. Make sure the experience is specific and extensive. You need panel placement that will not only make use of the midday summer sun, but all of the sun’s energy from dawn to dusk. It takes an experienced hand to ensure you get it.
  • Wiring
    Keep in mind that not every home is ready to make the switch from full electric power to full or even partial sun energy. If you hire a good solar contractor, the first thing he’s going to do is determine whether you’re even eligible for the services. He will do this by looking at your electrical wiring to see whether it can handle the infrastructure. He will also look at your actual roof and location of your home to see if panels will work. If not, he will inform you of this and you won’t need to spend hundreds-if not thousands-of dollars to find out later. A disreputable or inexperienced solar contractor may not be so generous with his evaluation. He may not even know.
  • Price Shopping
    If you’ve ever had a pool installed or a porch screened in, you are probably used to engaging in a bit of price shopping before going ahead with a hire. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may not have the luxury when it comes to hiring a solar contractor. Though most of the technology used in the field is not brand new, it is still a burgeoning industry. You may only have one or two choices in your area when it comes to hiring a good, experienced company. Trust that your price savings will come on your electric bills and choose based on quality.