Poured Limestone

Very durable

The limestone will resist agents of damage such as ants and weeds. In case you live in an area where ants will tend to be a problem after you use the limestone it will seal all areas where ants may penetrate the floor. It will also cover the area completely and avoid cases where weeds will develop on the patios where you will have used it.


In case you will like to build a pathway where you will not like your family members to slip, then you can go for the limestone. The material will ensure you achieve an area that is nonslip. Apart from being nonslip, it is cool to look at. You will have attractive accessories in your home which anybody who will come across them will appreciate.

Maintenance Free

In case you will not like to carry out regular maintenance which is costly, then you should go for limestone. The material will stay attractive in your home without any extra cost. The low maintenance required will lead you to saving a lot of time at the long run. You will also enjoy saving your money as well.

Increased Property Value

In case you will like to sell your home later, then installing home accessories using limestone will lead you to adding more value to your home. The home will have a modern look which any potential buyer who will come across it will be ready to offer high value. Considering the cost of installing the limestone is low, you will be assured of using less money but you will add great value to your home.

Largest Range of Patterns

You will not be restricted on the number of patterns which you can achieve after you decide to use limestone in your home improvement; the material comes in different colors which can be worked to produce different designs in your home. You will just have to inform your contractor the type of design that you will like to achieve and the contractor will come up with customized designs in your home. In case you have a certain color which you will like to have in your home improvement, you should inform your contractor and he will incorporate the color easily after he decides to use the limestone.