Hang Pictures in Easy Steps

  1. Look for old nails in the wall. If you find them, use bottle opener, screwdriver, or you can wedge between it and the wall and pry out. If you have a hammer handy, you can use the forked end. If you don’t see a hammer, see alternative tools above. Key is to use anything that you think will work and is close by.
  2. Take your pictures and quickly decide where you are going to put them. Don’t worry if you change your mind later. That’s what the toothpaste is for.
  3. Choose your first picture and hold it up to the wall. Eyeball the position and try to remember where the hanging thing is on the back.
  4. While holding the picture

Buy Cushion Covers Online

There is no need to spend a fortune on new cushions either – it is still possible to find a good balance between quality and price with a little careful searching. It is important to remember, however, that getting value for money is key. Some of the cheapest material out there may be attractive to your wallet, but often tend to damage and soil quickly meaning more frequent replacements.

When looking to buy cheap cushion covers online, there are a few important things to remember to make sure you get an item that looks good in your home as well as one that doesn’t leave too much of a dent in your wallet.

First of all, remember that you don’t …

Aluminum Balusters

Aluminum balusters are just one of many deck and patio railing options, along with wooden, plastic, and wood-composite materials, they are able to provide the most versatility. Because it can be molded and curved, the aluminum choice offers visual interest to a deck. It doesn’t weigh down a space, making it darker, harder to see through or harder to decorate with potted plants, ivy, or outdoor entertaining accessories. Aluminum balusters can have designs along the rods; they can be painted; they can blend with and compliment the posts, or the aluminum can be used in a mixed medium with wood or wood-composite posts. The aluminum balusters cover necessity of railing and decorative appeal of the outdoor dining, seating, and entertaining …

Banjara Bohemian Decor

Artistically designed hand carved panels would be perfect for an entrance way into a home or yoga studio. Beautiful carved panels not only depict the Indian mythology, but also adorn the interiors of the Havelis or Indian mansions.

A beautiful and rare antique sideboard with rustic aged patinas, tribal chests such as manjoosh and damchias are full of color and traditional carvings. These are useful for storing blankets or keeping your table linens. Traditional and eclectic chests add character to your interiors. Beautiful bohemian decor is a style statement that blends old world charm and the rich ethnic culture of India.

Bohemian style is inspired from the deserts of Kutch, Rajasthan. Ethnic and nomadic yet urban in appeal bohemian chic …

Using Bamboo Panels For Interior Decor

Bamboo fencing has become quite popular and gives a great look to your home’s exteriors. Just like a bamboo fence can do wonders to make your home on the whole look inviting, bamboo poles and bamboo panels can be used for interiors in a number of ways. Panels, especially, have been in great demand in recent times as they can help give your home a traditional as well as peaceful look that can add to the attractiveness of your home.

Enhancing Your Home’s Interiors With Bamboo Panels

One way in which you can use panels made of bamboo is as wall panelling. There are sleek as well as rugged bamboo wall panels which can add to the beauty of your …

Decoration With Feather Craft Items

Generally, people use items of art and fashion to give dramatic look to the interior decoration. These craft items are used to garnish different areas of the home, like kid’s room, living area, etc., in a creative manner. Clay, glass, paper, different types of fabric, wood, and plastic are some of the materials that are popularly used to make these items. If you want to give a traditional or conventional look to your home interior decoration, choose these decorative items made with wood, fabric and clay. On the other hand, if you want to give a classy and voguish look to interior decoration, use craft items made with glass or plastic.

Besides usual things, feathers are very unique and trendy …

Personalize Condominium Unit

Get ideas

With the abundance of designs and inspirations scattered on the web, homeowners will surely find a concept that’ll appeal to them. Websites like Pinterest, Freshome, and even lifestyle magazines have a pool of various styles that will surely catch the eye and spark the creativity of different dwellers. After collecting a range of inspiring images, choose the ones that appeal the most and start from there.

Stick to a color scheme

The 3-color rule is simple; choose one primary color and two complimentary shades. It’s pretty much like picking a hero with two sidekicks. For example, choose red as the hero and white and black as its sidekicks. If a more playful palette is in mind, a dweller …

Types of Looms

  • Fixed vs. Adjustable Frames
    The basic component of every loom is the frame that holds the warp strand ties. Fixed looms are usually made with a rectangular frame that has set dimensions. The fixed looms restrict the size of the rug, as the rugs have to be smaller than the inside of the loom’s frame. Popular fixed loom styles include the horizontal loom and the village loom.

Adjustable frames have movable beams that can expand or contract depending on the dimensions of the rug. Usually, adjustable looms have one or two movable horizontal beams and fixed vertical beams. Popular adjustable loom styles are the Tabriz loom and the Roller loom.

  • The Horizontal (Nomadic) Loom
    Horizontal looms were invented thousands of

Benefits of Using Venetian Blinds at Home

They give you more control

One chief reason why venetian blinds are a popular favorite is that homeowners find that they have more control over how much light they want to enter a room. With that being said, they also have the control over the privacy they want. In order to control light, one can simply control the angle of the blind’s blades from a fully opened angle or a fully closed one. If one prefers maximum amount of light to enter the room, one has the option to and can raise the blinds all the way up in order to allow the light to fully enter the room. Privacy is uncompromised with this type of window covering.

These types

Clearing Out the Clogs

The Plunger

The wise homeowner will have at least two plungers in their home at all times. One should be a larger one for toilet clogs and the other should be smaller for sink and tub clogs. These can be terrifically handy when you can’t get the water to go down like it should. As long as you don’t have a major drain cleaning job ahead of you, the plunger can more than rise to the challenge in many situations. Give it a try before you move on to more advanced and elaborate fixes.


This is a not only a good trick for drain cleaning, but one of those things you can implement every now and then simply to …