Mixing Colour and Pattern in Interiors

Lifestyle of the owners

The interiors of the house depends on the kind of family residing in it and also the lifestyle it possesses. If the family is a patriarch family that it is bound to stick with the traditional ways. Such a family loves a colourful house with brightly painted walls,draperies and curtains in bright red, maroons, orange, greens and yellow’s. Handmade tiles or Terrazzo floors which are not marble but have chips of marble and granite.

As the thinking is traditional bulbs or tube lights would be preferred to ceiling lamps. The interior requirement of a neutral family would reflect the latest market trend prevalent in the market. The colours would be black, grey or any dark tones which do not require much cleaning and dusting as the members of the neutral family would working who do not stay in the house for long.

Colourful draperies or furnishing

A well designed interiors uses a lot of cotton fabrics which is coloured using basic colouring techniques,Block printed designs using traditional wooden printing blocks to create beautiful designs and patterns on cotton bed sheets. Sometimes just by throwing a coloured pillow on grey or black sitting arrangement would pop in some colour. Using silk curtains or designer curtains would also look colourful and protect the house from the extreme climatic conditions outside. Embroidered bed sheet and table covers complete the handicraft picture. Sometimes throwing a rug or carpet would camouflage the old flooring which looked dull and inappropriate.

Handicraft product to dominate the scene

Hand sculpted figurines or bronze statement pieces in the form of god or goddesses. These statement pieces are collected over the years each product has a different story to tell. These statement pieces are used to fill in the empty spaces which would otherwise look very dull and uninviting. They also show the likes and tastes of the owner. Handmade paintings on the wall,lots and lots of them to enliven the wall and a wall art made of old tiles salvaged. The broken tiles can be assembled to form a mosaic art which would look rather creative and innovation and make a state of the art piece to put it to display and to earn praises or accolades.

Green house effect

How can you ignore the importance of greenery to colour the interiors naturally. To let fresh air and life into the interiors one must buy a of planters in various shapes and sizes and for almost rooms.

Long sized pots and planters and the urlis add glamour and lustre and make the place vibrant and bright. Planters in the living area, in the foyer area and also near the staircase gives a Mediterranean look to the interiors.