Make Office Space Sizzle

The Human Element

The first of our elements is strong culture. Studies reveal that in workplaces that organize their employees in groups of six to eight, there isn’t a need for a team leader or manager. These groups tend to keep an eye on each other and form a bond that is much akin to a family. Forming this mentality instills a sense of belonging and accountability that doesn’t come across as “big brother” watching every move.

While you’ll want the members of these teams to be in close proximity, you’ll also want each person to feel they have their own area. Affording each staff member, a closed off place allows them to feel they have a safe haven, a place they can go to filter out the distractions and noise. According to research, employees with shared office space take up to 50% more sick days than those with their own private area. This also gives your workforce a sense of territory, allowing them to set up a personal touch that makes their area seem less like a prison.

The Sky Is Awake, So I’m Awake

Quality lighting in an administrative center is key. It’s no secret that fluorescent lighting can be quite draining. It’s a proven fact, however, that sunlight has the opposite effect. Having sufficient windows in your office space could mean the difference between your employees coming in well rested or too pooped to do anything. Employees who spend their day near a window tend to get up to 46 more minutes of restful sleep per night. Another benefit to having a window is productivity. In call centers, an agent with access to natural lighting takes their calls up to seven times faster, compared to those who have no view of the outside world.

The Atmosphere Is All Around You

Lighting is one aspect of building a productive and happy atmosphere, but there is a lot more to it than that. The atmosphere of a space is also influenced by decorations and furniture layouts, which provide a feel or tone. While the word Zen may make your eyes roll, there are a lot of good related design principles that hold true. For instance, choosing curved lines instead of sharp corners create a more positive perception of the workplace. With this in mind, circular tables provide a sense of comradery and equality that nurtures development and productivity.

Another aspect of a productive atmosphere is the coloring. Blue and green hues throughout your office space inspire employees working on idea-intensive tasks. These colors, coupled with the aforementioned curved design in future, would pack a wallop when it comes down to the need for a creative environment.

Dig Deep

Overall, it’s important to keep your workers happy to ensure they’re as productive, healthy, and inspired as possible. Your office space should be inviting for your employees, as well as any potential or current clients that could walk through your door. Customers who see happy personnel tend to become loyal to your company, which could mean a strong relationship for life. Setting your workforce up in teams and encouraging cooperation could mean less need for managerial guidance. Accenting your office with curves and the right colors could bring out just the right amount of inspiration for everyone to collaborate and come up with the brightest of ideas. Bringing all these elements together means a positive, productive office with more potential than ever imagined.