Luxurious & Natural Rug

The Luxury of Cowhide

When you think of luxurious materials to incorporate into your home décor, cowhide may not be at the top of the list. This is a material that is easy to overlook, yet it may have a place in your home as a luxurious element that adds beauty and individuality to your home. Natural animal skin rugs of all kinds are high-end elements because of their uniqueness, and cowhide provides the rustic charm that will tone down your décor while still incorporating the luxury of animal skin in your home. This unique combination of benefits may make it ideal for your home décor.

The Intense Natural Appeal

A cowhide rug is a material that has intense natural appeal because of its texture, coloring and overall unique look. Each cowhide rug is as unique as the animal that it came from. Some of these rugs are available in solid hues, such as white, buff or black. Others are mottled, and they may have black speckles on a white background or vice versa. The speckling of the cowhide may be intense and detailed, or it may be minor with only a few speckles throughout the entire rug. This gives the rug a personalized element that will give your home true character in a natural way.

Other Great Benefits

While cowhide rugs are both luxurious and natural, they also offer other benefits for you to enjoy. For example, they are hardwearing and durable, making them ideal for use in even the most trafficked areas of the home. You will never have to worry about cowhide rugs showing foot traffic patterns or other signs of wear. More than that, they are hypo-allergenic, making them suitable for use in homes of allergy sufferers. Plus, they also have versatility that you will not find with other features. Cowhide rugs can be used on floors, but they also can be used as a throw over the back of the couch or as a wall covering. They are versatile in terms of style as well, and you can find these in homes with decorative schemes that range from rustic country to modern.