Lighting for Beautiful Canvas Prints

  • Natural Light: Natural light often gives a soft illumination to art. If you have large windows or plenty of light in your living or work spaces, the details of your art prints will likely show up beautifully in natural daylight. The natural landscapes, family portraits on canvas, flora, pets on canvas – all are very good candidates to go on the walls where the natural light is in abundance.
  • Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Lights: Many homes have recessed lighting, as well as adjustable dimmers, which work well for lighting artwork. Recessed lights shine down from above to focus attention on wall canvas. These types of spotlights are often placed near fireplaces or above large, blank central walls. Cityscapes, Black & White art work, night shots on canvas – all can be very well showcased here
  • Lightweight Table and Floor Lamps: Modern table or floor lamps provide another cost effective option to illuminate your canvas prints. Move a floor lamp close to the photo print to bring attention to the beautiful colors and creative themes. Or, choose minimalist table lamps with a soft flow to complement photo prints. Family portraits in black & white or in not so sharp colors are best suited with this lighting
  • Modern Track Lighting: Track lighting offers an elegant and luxurious way to light large, open spaces. Place large canvas photo prints near track lighting for a steady, consistent source of illumination. Track lighting often appears in kitchens and libraries.
  • Creative Chandeliers: If you love artistic, modern decor, choose creative chandeliers to accentuate the beauty of your photo prints. Consider chandeliers in modern materials and simple colors.
  • Mirrors & Lighting: Mirrors with ceiling lights can make for a dramatic effect and can create a ‘wow’ factor in the way canvas art becomes center of attraction in your room. Large mirrors have the ability to give a feel of much larger space to your room and a right picture on the canvas can accentuate the effect dramatically
  • Type of Light: White vs Warm white vs Different colored lights can play an equally important role in how your canvas print shines through in your room. So, choose them wisely keeping in mind the décor and personality of the room.