Laundry Room Organization

Foldable Drying Rack

Air drying delicate items is an ongoing challenge. Improve laundry room organization with a foldable drying rack that folds up and out of the way when you’re not using it. With a board fastened to the wall and a small ladder fastened at the bottom, it’s a simple process to fold down the ladder for horizontal drying and push it back up again when the items are dry.

Finding Hidden Space

Effective laundry room organization is often about maximizing the space in an otherwise congested room. Look for innovative ways to find extra room, such as installing the dryer over the washing machine. As long as you have a front-loading machine, this configuration shouldn’t be a problem. Use every niche in the space for storage, including space between appliances or on either side. Narrow shelves will often fit in these small areas. Shelves with casters will easily pull out and push in for access to items. Mount shelving onto the back of doors to hold cleaning products and baskets of small items.

Building Your Own Pedestals

Pedestals under washing machines and dryers are all the rage, and for good reason. They help elevate these appliances to make them easier to use. They also provide beneficial storage where you need it the most. If you’d love to experience the advantages of pedestals, but you’re not crazy about the prices, there are do-it-yourself options out there that can make this a reality. Build an enclosed shelving system out of plywood. With center supports, the shelves will be strong enough to hold the appliances. Paint the wood in a light and bright color. Use the shelves to store laundry baskets or bins when you’re not using them. This shelving might be the perfect place to stow off-season garments, too.

Horizontal Surfaces

Just as in the kitchen, horizontal surfaces are an advantage in the laundry room. Consider the benefit of a countertop installed directly above a washer and dryer. You can fold items immediately as you take them out of the dryer. Don’t forget to make the space as pleasant as it is functional. The addition of a backsplash behind a counter and colorful tiles on the floor will make this area much more enjoyable.


Install as many cabinets as you can fit for effective laundry room organization. Above the appliances, cupboards will hold virtually any household items, from off-season decor to backup cleaning supplies. A sink and cupboards work in conjunction with many clothes-cleaning activities, enabling you to tackle tough stains effectively. Open shelves are great for this area too when they hold large bins or baskets full of items.