Fall Maintenance

  • Clean the GuttersĀ – The fall leaves are beautiful when they are on the trees but become a nuisance for your home. Water flow from your roof into the gutters, through the spout and away from the foundation is an important process. A clogged gutter system can cause moisture problems that rot roofs, siding, and can even cause moisture to accumulate in your crawl space. This Saturday project should be done at least once if not twice this fall.
  • Fireplace FundamentalsĀ – Make sure your fireplace is in working before it gets cold outside. Make sure your natural gas or propane fireplace is turned on and has a lit pilot light. When the weather changes the gas company will be a few weeks out before they start up your gas logs. For wood fireplaces make sure the damper is operational and there are no obstructions in the chimney. Do not store wood to close to the house because it is termite candy.
  • Reverse your ceiling fanĀ – A typical ceiling fan can run forward and in reverse. Just flip the switch on the fan motor and the fan will run in reverse. In the wintertime your fan should be running clockwise. This creates and upward draft that will redistribute the warm air resting against the ceiling.