Custom Cabinetry

Know Your Materials

Have you ever made a purchase only to do your research a few weeks later? You realize quickly that you could have gotten a lot more for your money. Why not take a novel approach and actually do your research before buying the custom cabinetry for your kitchen. Since you’re going outside of mass marketed styles and brands, you’ll need to focus your research on materials. Most kitchen cabinets are not made from solid wood. You’ll usually find some combination of a solid wood face and particleboard or paneling. Look for the ones with paneled sides and avoid those with particleboard. You’ll pay roughly the same and you’ll get many more years of use out of them.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in custom cabinetry, there are few more important considerations than where to buy from. If your primary goal is to save money, consider using the Internet. If you can find some ready to assemble pieces, you can stick to a budget and get a lot more for your money. Online shops don’t have the exorbitant overhead of running a brick and mortar store and can often offer you better prices. That said, if you have an independent shop in your area where the carpenters are real craftsmen, you could hardly do better from an aesthetic standpoint. You just might pay a little more for it.

Compare Correctly

One of the most important reasons to do your research is that you’ll ensure that you are making the right comparisons. If you went out to buy a car, you wouldn’t compare a Civic to a Ferrari and say, “Oh, wow, the people at Ferrari are really ripping people off.” It’s comparing apples to oranges. The same applies to custom cabinetry. Just because you find a company offering low prices doesn’t mean they’re offering bargains. Their price may just reflect their quality. Consider that before you buy cheap.