Create Contemporary Interior

The days of eccentric decorating and boxy furniture are long gone and so the contemporary design of today is a blend of livable and comfortable elements that create a sophisticated but fresh feel and look. To create this contemporary look you have to work on essential elements like furniture, color combination, décor, elements and material combinations, texture and lighting.


Furniture forms an integral part of any interior design or style, and it is almost impossible to get any style right if you do not carefully choose your furniture. There are several things that you should consider concerning furniture selection, but the most important ones are furniture material, shape, finishing, and color. All these factors will vary depending on the style, and if you do not get any of them right then, you can completely ruin your interior design. A good idea will be to consult a professional interior designer if you are not sure of how to choose furniture’s that go with the style.

For a contemporary interior, the furniture should feature smooth surfaces and clean lines without adornments or carvings. This might sound a little bit restrictive, but you will be amazed by the many options available for this furniture styles. Italian contemporary furniture is one of the most popularly used in this interior design style and besides from just finishing the look they also give your home a classy look. For the contemporary interior, the silhouettes should be slim and most importantly without being dainty.

If you choose to go with wooden furniture, then they should be made from light colored woods that also have minimal graining. Examples of good wood types that should be used for contemporary furniture include maple and birch. In case you are not a wood furniture person then there are still many other options available for you. These options include nickel, chrome, stainless steel and clear or frosted glass. Regardless of the material that you choose to use for your furniture you still have to maintain the clean lines and smooth surfaces to get a contemporary interior.

Color Combination

Color combination is the key to a contemporary interior design, and so you cannot afford to go wrong with your color choice. From the color of the wall to the color of your sofa you have to be very keen in color selection if you want to get a perfect contemporary interior look. Since this design is typically offset by neutral colors, some shades of brown, cream or pure white and taupe will be good color choices.

To spice your room you can paint a wall with an accent color, add a colorful sofa and then finish with small but vivid decorative accessories such as area rugs and pillows. However, you should be careful not clutter your space with many different colors because the idea behind the contemporary design is simplicity.


The secret behind a perfect décor for a contemporary interior is to keep your space uncluttered. Avoid over doing things and keep the décor as simple as possible. Each item in the room (especially the big ones) should be viewed separately in its own space. As mentioned earlier on items made from chrome, wood, glass and metal will work well for your space but it is important to avoid heavily ornate objects or over-embellishment.


The contemporary interior is all about texture and so you have to find a way to add some nice texture to your space. The most effective and perhaps the easiest way to add texture to you interior and to give it a more natural and inviting feel is through the use of fabrics. Fabrics such as crushed velvet, linen, silk or wool are perfect for this design. To offset the smooth lines of the metal accents or your wood furniture you can use furniture upholstery, fabric window treatments, area rugs and linen wallpapers. However, when choosing fabrics, it is crucial to avoid elaborate patterns because they will interfere with the clean, contemporary look that you are trying to get.


Lighting is as important as all the things mentioned above in contemporary design as it is what will illuminate the design of your room. There are many lighting choices to choose from, but you should choose one that not only illuminates your design but one that fits your tastes and preferences. Some of the popular light fixes used in contemporary include pendants, floor lighting, and track lighting. Besides from this the lighting design is also used as an artistic statement in this design style. Table and floor lamps have a sleek metallic finish and straight lines, and this makes them essential in contemporary. On the other hand track or recessed lighting will draw attention to your well-placed décor items such as artwork and other accessories.