Create a Vintage Style Home Decor

Statement wallpaper

When creating your vintage style its best to create a specific focal point in your room wherever that may be so you don’t overpower the entire space. Wallpaper is a great way to easily create a feature and can create a fun, striking look without being overbearing. Opt for patterned wallpaper such as a shabby chic floral print or a 70’s geo metric style to create the perfect vibe. Geo prints or even tartan are great if you’re after a retro vibe these wallpaper are often the perfect way to inject some colour into your room also. There’s also the option of going for a printed wallpaper such as an animal print instantly adding interest to your wall.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic style furniture is the ultimate in vintage styling. Exposed brickwork and natural wooden beams are a desirable look that many of us wish we had unfortunately we’re not all lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of these natural features. However all is not lost as there are many ways to include rustic pieces with fairly minimal effort. Wooden shelving and plaques or distressed units have a very similar effect without having to make any drastic changes. Allow these pieces to truly stand out by adding subtle accessories around them and position them against a natural wash wall. Ensure the room receives lots of light and instantly you will feel a vintage vibe with the illusion of very minimal effort.


We believe no room is complete without the addition of a mirror. If you’re looking to create a vintage feel a specific kind of mirror should be used. There are 2 specific types of mirrors that can be used to create a charming vintage feel. The first is more of an elegant vintage style; think elaborate frames and lavish ornate detailing. However if this is too overpowering you can always go down the route of a more subtle vintage feel such as wooden distressed frames and natural pale colours. Whichever style you select if you piece with other vintage accessories or even on a quirky wallpapered wall a mirror will increase light and space and complement the overall feel of your living space.


Every room requires subtle accessories which help tie the design together. When considering vintage accessories think outside the box. Quirky pieces such as a lamp or even a patterned cushion can all add pops of style to your living space. If you’re into DIY you can even create the accessories yourself. Choose some retro fabric and craft your own cushion, pillow case or throw for your living room or bedroom. Consider everything even down to the smallest items such as your tea cups and lamp shades. Switching up your lamp shade to a striking geo metric print or adding a new retro cup to your dining room table set can all contribute to the vintage vibe. Whatever accessories you choose continuing the theme throughout your room will gradually create the vintage feel you’re after.