Cowhide Rugs

Many Different Decorating Uses

Cowhides have a variety of uses in the home. A large rug can be used as an interesting and eye-catching area rug that feels extremely pleasant to walk on. Cow rugs also make a great focal point when they are put on a wall as a wall hanging. Smaller cowhides create cozy and warm throws that add a country air to a room.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Since cowhide rugs are made of leather, they are extremely durable and tough. The rugs do not easily tear, and the hairs do not shed. Cowhides are designed by nature to protect cows from tough weather and outdoors conditions, so children and dogs cannot destroy it. With proper care, a cowhide rug should last long enough to become a treasured heirloom.

Clean and Hypoallergenic

The hairs on a cowhide lie flat against the leather, so the rug will not trap dust and other allergens. The organic curing process ensures that cowhide rugs are not soaked in unpleasant chemicals. Since cowhide does not hold onto dust and almost no one is allergic to cows, they are an excellent and hypoallergenic option.

Easy to Take Care of

Vacuuming or brushing your animal skin occasionally will be enough to keep it in perfect condition for years to come. Many owners do not even bother with this, and they just shake it clean outside occasionally. Cowhides are water resistant, so liquids cannot soak into the material and stain. Instead, almost all spills on a cowhide can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth and some mild soap.