Closet Design Hacks For Small Spaces

  • Pare down your wardrobe. This isn’t ideal, but chances are, you really do have some clothes in your wardrobe that you are not using. If you haven’t worn an item in a year, chances are you never will. Be honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t fit, and alternate storage areas for items you keep solely for sentimental reasons.
  • Add in additional hanging areas. If you are able to work another rod into your closet design, that’s great, but consider adding a rolling clothes rack into your space. If you carefully select the items you keep on the rack, you can give your bedroom a “showroom” vibe while also using it as a great place to dry your clothes. A lot of these portable racks can be DIY projects. A quick online search will yield tons of simple tutorials.
  • Loft your bed. Creating a second mini closet is a great way to create space for your growing wardrobe and maximize wasted space in your bedroom. Even if your ceilings are a normal height, lofting your bed is a great and totally accessible way to use vertical space. To keep your clothes hidden, you can hang a curtain around the loft, adding flair and function.
  • Make better use of your hangers. You can hang multiple garments in one spot by simply adding to your hangers. Soda tabs slipped over the hook allows for another hanger to slip onto the first, creating way more space on the rod. You can even use this method to pair pieces you commonly wear together or prepare outfits the night before an event. You can also use chains and s-hooks for sturdier options than soda tabs.
  • Use the door. Hanging an extra small rod on the inside of the door can be great for hanging scarves, hats, and even purses.
  • Get rid of out-of-season clothing. There is no need to waste valuable closet space on items you won’t be wearing for months. Buy a cool, vintage trunk to store these items of clothing in and have it double as a bench or coffee table. When the seasons change, simply switch out the clothes in the trunk.
  • Make use of dead space. Most people don’t consider the sides of their closets as valuable storage spaces. Hang tiny rods on the sides and use them for smaller items like sleeveless tops and shorts.