Cleaning Luxury Curtain Fabrics

When it comes to keeping these new products in top condition, however, problems can arise, as you are bound to find out that some of your fabrics or furniture is harder to clean and can deteriorate in appearance relatively rapidly. This is certainly true of both upholstery and curtain fabrics, which you need to take some care to maintain.

Many people invest in luxury curtain fabrics without giving too much through to the material and how to care for it, but it is important to remember that care is essential in order to keep colours looking bright and patterns crisp and clear. Here are some tips on installing a cleaning routine for your curtains so that they remain looking good for as long as possible.

The first thing to remember is that all types of fabrics will have different qualities and different recommended cleaning methods. Whether you are dealing with silk curtains or cotton ones, the fabric will determine how often you will need to clean your fabric as well as how quickly the colours will fade in sunlight and ultimately how long they will last.

If there is limited information on cleaning your curtains on the packaging or labels on the items, then take the time to ask your retailer on the care routine that they recommend. Many retailers will have extensive knowledge on the subject matter, not least because they will have to answer this type of question to their customers on a regular basis.

After obtaining these recommendations you will then be able to tailor your cleaning routine based on your own circumstances and preferences. Firstly, remember that the more delicate the curtain, the more delicate the cleaning process should be.

For many delicate curtains – such as those made out of silk or even satin – every wash will damage the fabric, and therefore every effort should be made to keep the curtains grime free without resorting to washing on a regular basis. One way to do this is to pass a hand vacuum cleaner over the surface of the curtains or brush them down gently on a regular basis.

It is often advised to seek professional cleaning for these kinds of delicate luxury curtain fabrics. You can always choose to hand-wash yourself, but you should be aware that the drying process can be a little more tricky if you do not know the right techniques to use to get this light material to hang correctly and dry without creases or wrinkles.

Other materials like cotton and synthetics are much easier to care for, and therefore you can often get away with cleaning them at home. Furthermore, you can use spot treatment products on them often enough to remove stains and spills, whereas with delicate fabrics this simply might not be possible.

When washing cotton or synthetics, it is still recommended that you use the delicate cycle of your washing machine, a low temperature and a mild detergent, as these together will help you remove all the accumulated dirt without causing any excess damage or distress to the fabric itself.

Be aware, however, that over washing and machine drying will still fade the hardier fabrics, and therefore machine drying should absolutely be avoided and washing should be kept to a once or twice-yearly routine in most cases.

Generally, luxury curtain fabrics are easy to care for as long as you make an effort to remove dust and grime before it builds up and becomes ingrained and give the items a thorough clean and gentle dry at least once or twice a year. In all cases, make sure that the cleaning method you use is appropriate for the toughness of the fabric you have.