Beauty of Large Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t need to be the last bit of the riddle when you’re enlivening your space. Truth be told, it shouldn’t be. In our psyches, wall art is most vital with regards to interior decor. This is on the grounds that when it’s used appropriately, your tapestries can give a superb system around which you should have the capacity to arrange whatever remains in the room. Each space needs a touch of large wall art. Again and again in interior decoration, we see it is regarded as an idea in retrospect. It’s what remains to be done, long after the last layer of paint has dried on the walls and the greater part of the furniture has been moved in, on the off chance that it is managed by any means.

In any case, we’re here to contend that by consigning wall art to the side lines, you’re passing up a great opportunity for an astounding design opportunity. At the point when picked creatively, the right art can accommodate the whole room.

Why Large Wall Art Matters Most in Interior Design

It Provides an Instant Color Palette

Hunt down large wall art. When you discover a painting or inside decoration that you cherish, you can utilize that piece as the motivation for your room’s inevitable color palette.

Your initial step is to select a few shades of color from wall art that you’d like to consolidate into your style. Pick the prevailing hue, and also a couple of extra shades that you’d like to use as accents. At that point, search for the hues in the things you use to enhance your space.

It Creates a Focal Point

One of the essential standards of interior decoration is that each room needs a point of convergence, or a solitary outline component that will immediately draw the eye into the space and give the viewer a feeling of what’s in store.

While picking wall art to be a point of convergence for your space, the most critical thought is size. A work of art that is too small will be overshadowed by the surrounding furniture and a piece that is too big will look as if it is overflowing. Take estimates of the wall space that are accessible, so you know the amount of room you have available to you. It should be larger than its surrounding bits of furniture, however not too vast.

It Gives a Feel of Texture

Keep in mind that not all wall art is made equivalent. While a few pieces may be two-dimensional works of art or something comparable, you ought to attempt to discover art is an assortment of distinctive mediums to bring a shifting feeling of composition into the space.

It Makes the Room Appear Finished

Consider a percentage of the interiors you’ve seen that are not well completed. It may be a school flat or a first grown-up space prior to completing school. Odds are that these spaces felt somewhat harsh around the edges and somewhat unfinished. Chances are that they likewise had for the most part, mostly white walls staring you in the face.

Achieve Well Balanced Interior Design

Balanced Light

The way natural light flows into your home is an important part of how you’ll perceive your space. Not every home is blessed with natural lighting, and if that’s the case with yours, it’s wise to install artificial lighting in the right locations. Highlighting architectural feats in your home, collections or just your living room can make a big difference.

Cohesion In The Home

All of the things you collect and display in your home should relate to each other in some shape or form. For example, if you’re looking to create a modern country look, there’s no reason to place a retro 1970’s couch in the middle of your living area. Whether it’s shape, era or color that brings your belongings together, the naked eye should be able to find some common ground.

Mixing And Matching

There’s no reason that everything in your home should match everything. Just because you want a leather couch, it doesn’t mean you need to get a matching leather recliner and an ottoman. You need to mix and match the items in your space and create a uniform look by bringing each piece together. It’s easy to find common ground when you use patterns, textures, and colors to draw attention.

Find A Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point that automatically draws the eye in. For some homeowners, it’s a large piece of wall art that they are proud to display, and for others, it could be a large piece of furniture passed down from family members. In any case, it’s important to have one main focal point and to make sure that the area surrounding the focal point isn’t too busy. For example, if you want to draw the eye to your antique mantelpiece, don’t start placing furniture next to it and accessories all around it.

Hang Pictures in Easy Steps

  1. Look for old nails in the wall. If you find them, use bottle opener, screwdriver, or Dailyhawker you can wedge between it and the wall and pry out. If you have a hammer handy, you can use the forked end. If you don’t see a hammer, see alternative tools above. Key is to use anything that you think will work and is close by.
  2. Take your pictures and quickly decide where you are going to put them. Don’t worry if you change your mind later. That’s what the toothpaste is for.
  3. Choose your first picture and hold it up to the wall. Eyeball the position and try to remember where the hanging thing is on the back.
  4. While holding the picture against the wall with one hand, reach for what you are going to drive into the wall. If you start losing control of the picture because you are reaching too far, put it down. Try to smudge the wall with the tip of your finger, but don’t worry if you can’t. You’ll be close.
  5. Take the nail or screw and hold it up to where you think it should go. Use your shoe heel or big screwdriver handle to hit it into the wall. If what you are using just bounces off, find something heavier.
  6. When the nail is in, take your picture and put it on the nail. Try to make it look straight.
  7. Step back and see if it is exactly where you want it. If it isn’t, take the picture down and repeat steps 1 through 6, using the toothpaste to fill any holes (note: gel toothpaste doesn’t really look as good as white). Try not to put holes right next to each other; one-quarter inch is OK.
  8. Once all your pictures are hung, look around the room and see if there are any you want to switch around. If you do, repeat steps 1 through 6 over and over until it looks right to you. (Tip: If your picture is going to cover all the little holes you made, don’t bother filling them in. You can worry about that when you move.)
  9. Go to the next room and repeat steps 1 through 8.
  10. Once you’ve hung pictures in all your rooms, walk around and figure out whether you really want to change some pictures to different rooms. If so, repeat steps 1 through 8 until everything looks right to you.

That’s all there is to it! Of course, if you want to go through a whole lot of trouble figuring out stuff first and looking for tools in your basement, you can Google the so-called “experts”. Me? I don’t have the time.

Buy Cushion Covers Online

There is no need to spend a fortune on new cushions either – it is still possible to find a good balance between quality and price with a little careful searching. It is important to remember, however, that getting value for money is key. Some of the cheapest material out there may be attractive to your wallet, but often tend to damage and soil quickly meaning more frequent replacements.

When looking to buy cheap cushion covers online, there are a few important things to remember to make sure you get an item that looks good in your home as well as one that doesn’t leave too much of a dent in your wallet.

First of all, remember that you don’t need a huge number of cushions to make an impact. Often, choosing a few items that look particularly stylish can make for a great look, rather than filling your space with a larger amount of not so exciting ones. When you are looking to buy cheap cushion covers online, be smart with your purchases in order to save money.

In order to make an impact with fewer cushions, try choosing brighter colours and patterns that accent your current interior or exterior decor for an appealing effect. To choose your colours, pick a colour that is already present in – but not the principal colour of – your current decoration. You may have a blue and gold floral painting in your room, in which case you could choose blue cushions.

You can also choose to add art to your decoration through the use of ‘statement’ cushions. If you are searching to buy cheap cushion covers online, look out for those which have pictures or prints of birds, flowers, vehicles, brand names, famous people or other objects that attract attention. A cushion of a bright green tree frog can look great in a kid’s bedroom.

If you want to save money when looking to buy cheap cushion covers online, try to aim for a cushion that is made from a durable material. This is especially important if you are planning on using your cushions outside or have a busy family that will get heavy use out of the cushions.

Search to purchase cushions that are made out of materials such as durable but soft polyester, which makes for great decorative pieces both indoors and outdoors. The advantage of polyester as a cushion cover is that it is often also water, stain and mildew resistant, although check with the manufacturer to make sure of this first.

When you buy cheap cushion covers online splurging a little extra initially can guarantee you years of use and save you money further down the line when you would need frequent replacements for the really cheap quality products.

If you are looking to buy cheap cushion covers online and see a design you like, considering checking with the manufacturer if they have discontinued or minimally defective items for a slightly cheaper price. Many top designers and retailers will sell these kinds of products for significant reductions, meaning you can save a little money whilst getting the right cushion for your home.

You can easily buy cheap cushion covers online with a little shopping around and a little planning. Avoid the false economy of really cheap products, instead spending a small amount more on durable materials. Also consider buying fewer but more eye-catching cushions for maximum effect on a smaller budget, and check with the retailer for any discounted products they may have in stock.

Banjara Bohemian Decor

Artistically designed hand carved panels would be perfect for an entrance way into a home or yoga studio. Beautiful carved panels not only depict the Indian mythology, but also adorn the interiors of the Havelis or Indian mansions.

A beautiful and rare antique sideboard with rustic aged patinas, tribal chests such as manjoosh and damchias are full of color and traditional carvings. These are useful for storing blankets or keeping your table linens. Traditional and eclectic chests add character to your interiors. Beautiful bohemian decor is a style statement that blends old world charm and the rich ethnic culture of India.

Bohemian style is inspired from the deserts of Kutch, Rajasthan. Ethnic and nomadic yet urban in appeal bohemian chic uses a variety of color, texture that imbibes the feel of “banjara” or gypsy. Excellent hand made tapestries, vintage embroidered saris and Zardozi patchwork table runners are beautifully exotic creations. Geometric designs, tribal prints, hand embroidered patches and the use of mirrors and sequins add an Indian boho flair to textiles and clothing. This is a great gift for a loved one and a genuine collector’s item.

Bohemian means an assortment of various styles. A gamut of cultures and ethnic diversity creates splendid eclectic interiors that are resplendent in their grandeur. Most people, are eclectic in their style and boho interiors are an extension of their personality. Antique Indian furniture and antique architecturals bring the old world charm along with a mix of British colonial and traditional Indian designs. Vintage pieces beautifully express your individuality-so amazingly unique, so private and personal, and so perfect, your space will be your design. Hand carved, crafted, vintage and unique pieces brought to you from the heartland of India.

Add a touch of beauty and elegance to your decor with beautifully hand carved rustic furniture. Reproduction furniture in a variety of woods, with courtly designs from ancient forts, palaces and Havelis so intrinsic to Rajasthan. Each design faithful to the period it belongs, painstakingly brought to life in the old-fashioned way. Hand carved with the unique authenticity of self creation, hand crafted products are rich in culture and tradition. Furniture that personifies the revival of the use of traditional designs and motifs in furniture and other products of contemporary use. Indian furniture in solid teak wood, rustic and beautifully textured is so earthy in feel and brings warmth to your abode.

Using Bamboo Panels For Interior Decor

Bamboo fencing has become quite popular and gives a great look to your home’s exteriors. Just like a bamboo fence can do wonders to make your home on the whole look inviting, bamboo poles and bamboo panels can be used for interiors in a number of ways. Panels, especially, have been in great demand in recent times as they can help give your home a traditional as well as peaceful look that can add to the attractiveness of your home.

Enhancing Your Home’s Interiors With Bamboo Panels

One way in which you can use panels made of bamboo is as wall panelling. There are sleek as well as rugged bamboo wall panels which can add to the beauty of your home, especially when complemented with furniture made of bamboo poles.

There are different types of bamboo panels that can be chosen depending on the final effect that you desire to have in your home. From panels made of solid bamboo, down to tambour panelling and woven bamboo wall panelling, there is a wide choice ahead of you to use to embellish your walls and add to décor of your home.

Panels made from bamboo can also be used for floors and depending on the way in which they are set, they can provide a truly artistic finish. When you choose to use these panels for your floor, you should ensure that you make the right choice as there are different panels for walls and for floors. Therefore, when you choose panels, ensure that they are made especially for floors.

Using panels made of bamboo for your floors and complementing this effect with leather furniture is a great choice. Apart from providing contrast to being to the fore the beauty of your furniture as well as panelling, this also makes the entire living area less cluttered and more artistic.

Decoration With Feather Craft Items

Generally, people use items of art and fashion to give dramatic look to the interior decoration. These craft items are used to garnish different areas of the home, like kid’s room, living area, etc., in a creative manner. Clay, glass, paper, different types of fabric, wood, and plastic are some of the materials that are popularly used to make these items. If you want to give a traditional or conventional look to your home interior decoration, choose these decorative items made with wood, fabric and clay. On the other hand, if you want to give a classy and voguish look to interior decoration, use craft items made with glass or plastic.

Besides usual things, feathers are very unique and trendy material to make and design craft products. Feather craft items add a delicate grace to home beauty. Apart from home decoration, these are also used to embellish resorts, hotels, offices, and other places. Quills of different birds are used to make varieties of craft products in a number of designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Quills that are prevalently used for this purpose are:

  • Pheasant Quills: These quills are very big, pointed and distinct in design; therefore, their usage as craft products adds uniqueness to interior decoration. Ringneck, Goldentail, Reeves and Lady Amherst are different varieties of Pheasant birds, whose plumes are extensively used for this purpose.
  • Ostrich Plumes: These quills are large in shape and soft to touch. There usage as decorative item gives a velvety feel to home beauty. Drabs, Nandu, Spads and Plumes are different types of ostrich quills that are used to make varieties of art and fashion products.
  • Peacock Quills: The exquisite beauty of peacock feather makes them perfect to make lovely craft pieces. Use of these quills adds illuminating beauty to any home interior.
  • Turkey Plumes: The colorful nature of these quills makes them perfect for designing differentiate craft pieces. Turkey Rounds, Plumage and Marabou are the types of turkey quills that are used to make fascinating items for decoration.


Personalize Condominium Unit

Get ideas

With the abundance of designs and inspirations scattered on the web, homeowners will surely find a concept that’ll appeal to them. Websites like Pinterest, Freshome, and even lifestyle magazines have a pool of various styles that will surely catch the eye and spark the creativity of different dwellers. After collecting a range of inspiring images, choose the ones that appeal the most and start from there.

Stick to a color scheme

The 3-color rule is simple; choose one primary color and two complimentary shades. It’s pretty much like picking a hero with two sidekicks. For example, choose red as the hero and white and black as its sidekicks. If a more playful palette is in mind, a dweller can opt for colors such as mint green, brown, and white. But like every rule, the 3-color rule can also be broken. Think of it as a guideline rather than an unbreakable law. It is something an individual can turn to when they are in doubt.

Add a little oomph to the space

Without statement pieces, a designed space may tend to look dull; especially rooms that feature a two color scheme. Filling a room with a range of tiny furniture and leggy chairs can make it confusing for the eyes, not to mention, boring. This is a mistake most homeowners make. To balance it out, it would be wise to create a combination of small and large, statement pieces. Aside from incorporating various furniture styles, another trick would be adding texture to the space. If a dweller prefers an all-white room or let’s say, a minimalistic two-colour theme, it would be advisable to create a subtle array of textures. Think of plush chairs, woven trays, and faux fur pillow cases; it’ll surely be a sight to wake up to every morning.

Let there be light

Natural lighting isn’t typical for condominium units, so might as well make it stand out from the rest. In Chinese Feng Shui, they consider having rays of sunrise in their home to be good luck. Now, if a certain door in the unit doesn’t seem necessary, feel free to remove it or replace it with glass panels. This way, the dweller can save on electricity, money and enjoy a well-lit space. Condo owners can also choose to create a drop panel ceiling with charming stained wood. This will be suspended over the space and add a feel of warmth and intimacy to any room.

With the abundance of condo units in the real estate market, dwellers can freely choose a space that will suit their preferences. But even when the choices run limited, it all boils down to the skill and creativity of the condo owner. Keep in mind that no matter how big or limited the space is, the key is to make the most out of what you have.However, due to all the bills and payments that come with purchasing a condo, not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer. That doesn’t mean that a condo owner has to compromise the fun of interior designing; as a matter of fact, DIY home decorating can also be as fun and rewarding.

Types of Looms

  • Fixed vs. Adjustable Frames
    The basic component of every loom is the frame that holds the warp strand ties. Fixed looms are usually made with a rectangular frame that has set dimensions. The fixed looms restrict the size of the rug, as the rugs have to be smaller than the inside of the loom’s frame. Popular fixed loom styles include the horizontal loom and the village loom.

Adjustable frames have movable beams that can expand or contract depending on the dimensions of the rug. Usually, adjustable looms have one or two movable horizontal beams and fixed vertical beams. Popular adjustable loom styles are the Tabriz loom and the Roller loom.

  • The Horizontal (Nomadic) Loom
    Horizontal looms were invented thousands of years ago, and they are known for their simple construction and design. The design of the horizontal loom features four wooden beams that are secured by pegs driven into the ground. Because the rugs are woven horizontally, the weavers must go back and forth from one side of the rug to the other when creating the pattern. This weaving technique becomes difficult if the rug is too wide.

Less skilled weavers who work on this equipment often have designs that vary slightly in size or are not evenly spaced. As implied by the name, Nomadic looms were originally used by Nomadic tribes. They are easy to assemble and smaller than other styles, which was beneficial for the traveling lifestyle of Nomads.

  • The Village Loom
    Unlike the Nomadic looms, Village looms have two vertical beams that are staked into the ground. They have two horizontal beams that are fastened at the top and bottom of the vertical beams to make the dimensions for the loom.

The Village loom’s vertical design provides the weavers with easy access to any point in the rug, and as a result, the rugs produced can be much wider than Nomadic rugs. However, the Village loom’s fixed beams still restrict the overall size of the rug.

  • The Tabriz Loom
    This loom style features horizontal beams that are adjustable, meaning that the rug length can be altered. This style was developed to meet the needs for larger urban workshops, and it features a device that constantly moves the completed weaving to the back of the loom. This allows the weaver to sit in the same spot the entire time as he or she makes the rug.

Benefits of Using Venetian Blinds at Home

They give you more control

One chief reason why venetian blinds are a popular favorite is that homeowners find that they have more control over how much light they want to enter a room. With that being said, they also have the control over the privacy they want. In order to control light, one can simply control the angle of the blind’s blades from a fully opened angle or a fully closed one. If one prefers maximum amount of light to enter the room, one has the option to and can raise the blinds all the way up in order to allow the light to fully enter the room. Privacy is uncompromised with this type of window covering.

These types of blinds are easier to install

Besides giving one more control, window blinds are user-friendly and are easier to install. Those who have purchased a set of these blinds find that they do not have to worry about hiring a professional to have them installed. These blinds can be custom made to fit the type of window that homeowners may have. One simply needs the instruction manual and a basic set of tools. Prior to purchasing a window blind, it is still important to correctly measure the size of your windows. There are many online tools and videos that can help guide even non-professional on how to correctly measure their window for window blinds purchases.

They are easier to clean

Many homeowners find blinds to be low maintenance and easier to clean. Unlike fabric blinds, which have to be taken to the cleaners in order to keep them looking their best, venetian blinds can be cleaned by means of a damp cloth or by means of a feather duster. It is just that simple. A vacuum cleaner can also be used every six weeks to ensure that blinds are kept clean and dust free.