Benefits of new home construction in Portland

With a limited inventory of already built homes, increasing prices, and shorter time on the market to make sure that you are making the right decision, you might end up figuring out that purchasing an already built home is not the best option for you and your family.

Building your own home in Portland comes with its incredible positives, as well as some causes for stress that you should be aware of as well. If you do end up going this route, what is most important is that you remember that hiring the best Portland general contractor that you can find is highly important. But what are the overall benefits of building a new home in Portland, Oregon?

Here are some of the best benefits to keep in mind.

Knowing what you’re getting

Perhaps the best aspect of building a new home in Portland is that you will be present every step of the way and know what you are getting in your new home. Far too often, people purchase what they think is the home of their dreams only to find that it comes with quite a lot of issues. When building your own home, you’ll know what materials were used, how the wiring and plumbing were done, and much more.

You can customize to fit your needs

Buying an existing home in a tight real estate market means that you are likely going to have to make some sacrifices in terms of what the perfect home may be for you and your family. That could ultimately lead to remodels to make the housework as well as it possibly could. On the other hand, building a home from the ground up allows you to plan out rooms to specifically fit the needs of you and your family. That not only means planning for now but also planning for the future. If you plan on your family growing in the years to come, building with that in mind is a great way to avoid having to move to a new house as a result of a brand-new baby.

A new home means new appliances

Something that may be overlooked when considering the option of buying a new home is that your new home will automatically come with tons of new appliances! While this does mean quite a bit of money, it also means a bit of security as well. The reason why is because a lot of new appliances come with multi-year warranties. That means that if something doesn’t work the way you want to, or if it breaks down, you can return it within the time that your warranty allows.

Better standards

The final thing to keep in mind is that newer buildings tend to have higher standards than older buildings do. That means that you can be sure that if you build a new home, you will get the very best building practices to help improve and maintain the value of your home for years to come!