Beauty of Gray

Too much gray is overwhelming, too serious and too business-like. Think of a gray room: it probably looks a lot like a parking garage, hospital or another space where decorations and aesthetics do not matter that much. Too much gray is also too utilitarian, and that can give your guests a sense of being somewhere that is too rigid or dull.

While some shades of gray can be quite elegant and timeless, it is very easy to over-do it. And that is where accent colors and pieces come in.

Accent colors and pieces are where it’s at in terms of using gray in your home. You can keep your gray walls or carpets, but you should also add some color and pizzazz to the rooms too. You can ground gray with rich brown and other earth tones, or you can use brighter colors than that: burgundy, gold-yellow and green all work very well with gray. Furnishings, knick knacks, throw pillows, picture frames, paintings and much more can all be used as accent pieces. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can use for this purpose.

The blessing and the curse of gray is that it tends to sort of stay in the background. So if you want a certain piece of furniture or a certain painting to really stand out in a room, consider painting your walls gray or going with a gray carpet. It is still easy on the eyes and will not clash with the rest of your home’s d├ęcor, but it will not overshadow the accent piece(s) you are trying to use.

So if you still want to use gray but you don’t want your home to look like an industrial plant or doctor’s office, consider accent colors and pieces. You should also look into the various shades of gray in terms of carpeting and paint choices. You can find everything from a very light, almost white shade of gray to a darker, bolder and almost black shade of gray.

With a little bit of imagination, gray is a lovely color for just about any home. Just remember not to overdo it and to use plenty of other colors too.