Property Decoration Work

Decide if you want to hire or do-it-yourself

If you are feeling ready to renovate your home, there are important decisions you have to make. First, you need to determine whether you will do-it-yourself or you will hire a property decoration company. If you do not have the time or expertise, it will be wiser to let a professional decorate your place. As a person who knows nothing about interior and exterior decoration, you may skip some of the projects that would give you a higher return on investment in future.

Decoration ideas are many

Decoration work is more than the application of fresh paint on walls, floors and ceilings. You might want to upholster some pieces of furniture, order … Read the rest

Afford New Furniture

  • Financing:
    For many people financing is the way to go. Most of the time you don’t have to put any money down which is a great plus. Financing consists of you making monthly payments until your furniture is paid off. The keys to this plan are that you can get your furniture up front, and monthly payments are easier then dropping a lump sum of money, especially because you just spent a lot of money buying your new home. This is also a good way to build credit. The downside is that you have to be approved for financing and sometimes interest rates on financing furniture can be high. Financing is a great way to afford furniture by making a
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Metallic Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are available in a variety of styles. Metallic rugs are a stylish way to add some sparkle to any decor. Decorators encourage the mixing of materials in a home decor. These types of floor coverings are astoundingly compatible with any other material choices you make. You can achieve a decor theme of rustic glam when you place a metallic cowhide rug under a wood dining table or drape it across a wooden trunk that you’re using as a coffee table or accent piece. If you’re striving to create an earthy decor, a metallic cowhide would be the ideal anchor for a collection of textured metals and furnishings or accessories in copper, gold or silver.

The family room and … Read the rest

Start of a Renovation Story

The first house we looked at was a foreclosure on an acre of land. Can you say DREAM PROJECT?? After walking through it, we (more Chris than me) realized that it was more than we could take on right now. Realistically, pastoring a new church, working full time, being a mom to 3 kids, coaching two soccer teams, and doing interior design side jobs made our cup runneth ova. Sometimes too much. So we scratched a HUGE project like that off our list. (Insert ice-cream and Hallmark movies here.)

This process quickly turned into a journey toward health for our family. We had to come to terms that even though we wanted LOTS and LOTS of projects, we needed to … Read the rest

Catch Basin Care

Effective Inserts

Curb inlets aren’t designed for pollutant and sediment capture. As such, retrofitting the can substantially improve the inlets performance. Inserts can boost their efficiency. They can remove sediment, debris, trash, grease and oil. One of the simplest retrofit options are hooded outlets that capture floatable materials and prevent them from entering the storm drain system.

Filters are one of the varieties of inserts that exist for effectively filtering runoff. The filter fabric will remove pollutants as storm water flows into the system.

The second type of inserts that can be installed by plumbers are catch basin traps; these can be a series of trays or plastic boxes fitted into the basin. The tray-like insert has a top tray … Read the rest

Quality Composite Deck Material

When you want to have a surface added on to your home, there is a lot of planning you must first do. The first thing to discover is where would you like to add this structure. Once you have come up with a location, it is time to decide the color and type of substance you would like to use. There are many different types of composite deck material to choose from. There is the tropical design that can give your property a striking and unique look. If you want to feel like you’re on an island in your own backyard, this is the style for you. It will definitely make your place stand out in the neighborhood. The captiva … Read the rest

Deck Post Caps


Every material requires its own solution when it comes to keeping deck post caps secured to their place. Vinyl, for instance, benefits from being secured with a specific PVC glue. Why use this adhesive? Well, not only does it work well, but it will also stand up to the elements. This, as you have probably already seen, is one of the most important aspects of any adhesive you use in an outdoor setting. Rain, wind, and hail do not represent particularly pleasant precipitation under the best of circumstances, but they can play absolute havoc with your outdoor construction projects. Brush on some PVC glue and your vinyl should stay in place.

Wood and Composite Materials

There are several big … Read the rest

Laundry Room Organization

Foldable Drying Rack

Air drying delicate items is an ongoing challenge. Improve laundry room organization with a foldable drying rack that folds up and out of the way when you’re not using it. With a board fastened to the wall and a small ladder fastened at the bottom, it’s a simple process to fold down the ladder for horizontal drying and push it back up again when the items are dry.

Finding Hidden Space

Effective laundry room organization is often about maximizing the space in an otherwise congested room. Look for innovative ways to find extra room, such as installing the dryer over the washing machine. As long as you have a front-loading machine, this configuration shouldn’t be a problem. … Read the rest

Emergence of DIY Power Systems

People saw the need for something like this because of number of reasons. Primarily it’s because of the steady increase in electricity rates and gas prices in the past few years. Another reason is that people are starting to notice the adverse effects of climate change and are feeling the need to help keep the planet healthy. The DIY Power System was conceptualized because of the first two reasons and because of this third one, having a contractor install a green power generator in your house can lead to large labor costs.

Much has been said about the effectiveness of such systems when it comes to providing all the power needed by a typical home. Naysayers say that such systems … Read the rest

Mixing Colour and Pattern in Interiors

Lifestyle of the owners

The interiors of the house depends on the kind of family residing in it and also the lifestyle it possesses. If the family is a patriarch family that it is bound to stick with the traditional ways. Such a family loves a colourful house with brightly painted walls,draperies and curtains in bright red, maroons, orange, greens and yellow’s. Handmade tiles or Terrazzo floors which are not marble but have chips of marble and granite.

As the thinking is traditional bulbs or tube lights would be preferred to ceiling lamps. The interior requirement of a neutral family would reflect the latest market trend prevalent in the market. The colours would be black, grey or any dark tones … Read the rest